The name of the company has been changed from Laurel Organics Limited to Kimia Biosciences Limited with effect from 04-01-2019 pursuant to the Scheme of Arrangement for Amalgamation of Kimia Biosciences Limited-Transferor Company-with Laurel Organics Limited -Transferee Company-as per the approval and Order of Honrable NCLT Chandigarh.
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Research & Development:

(Approved by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, (DSIR))

Kimia Biosciences R&D is committed to research and development of improved generic drugs with the goal of addressing unmet patient needs with more meticulous resources and to establish a robust portfolio for a new generation of treatments. Kimia is committed to do significant investments in drug research and development in order to produce effective, safe and affordable medicines.


Kimia R&D has well equipped Analytical Lab, synthetic Lab and Intellectual property cell, where each scientist has access to Sci-finder search tools. The Analytical Research lab comprises of HPLC, GC, GC-HS, Auto-Titrator, Polarimeter, UV spectrophotometer, IR spectrophotometer etc. There are dedicated hoods for each scientist in the synthetic lab with Rotavapours, Vacuum & Air dryers, cooling units, mechanical and magnetic stirrers, vacuum systems Instrumentation, scientific and analytical knowledge base at the R&D Centre facilitate:

  • Impurity profiling for the APIs
  • Development of Analytical methods and their validations
  • Specifications from Raw materials to Non-pharmacopoeia Finished products.
  • Accelerated and Real time stability studies


The expertise of R&D teams covers products across various therapeutic categories including Ant diabetics & Anti-hypertensive.

  • Chiral chemistry
  • Synthesizing building blocks
  • Reactions: Pressure, Cryogenic, Metal hydride,Catalytic, Aliphatic-Aromatic-Heterocyclic, & Multi-step synthesis,
  • Polymorphism
  • Particle Size
  • Bulk density
  • Impurities synthesis
  • Quality by Design approach
  • DOE



We are committed to create a culture of respect and dignity of each individual based on humanistic values at Kimiabiosciences where the individuality of each person is respected


Kimia strives hard and give their best to help meet customer deadlines with ICH quality products; the average time todevelop a process technology is 6-8 months


  • Chiral reductions using homogeneous catalyst
  • Chiral reduction using Enzymatic Technologies,
  • Polymorphs Processes and Techniques,
  • Process innovations to achieve benchmark costs


TNo. of patent applications filed: 4

R&D Scientists:

The team of Scientists at Kimia R&D involves people from diverse backgrounds who uses their vast experience & innovativeness and are determined to make Kimia R&D as an advance Centre for Research.


The Kimia R&D is committed to produce drugs of high quality based on principles of quality by design and ICH requirements

New products developed:

  • Prucalopride succinate
  • Azelnidipine
  • Acotiamide Hydrochloride trihydrate
  • Vildagliptin
  • Fimasartan Potassium Hydrate